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Condos & Townhouses around Lake Conroe   Montgomery County NW
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The search located 768 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
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MediaSubdivisionList PriceAddressBdsBthsGarSQ Ft$$ SqFtDOM
PH M None $6,000,000.0010436 League Line4246971$860.711354
PH M Bentwater $3,590,000.00142 Bentwater Bay5/66510494$342.10346
VT PH M Rogers Raleigh $3,400,000.0020040 Keenan Cut Off4569210$369.16399
PH M Bentwater $2,200,000.00265 Promenade5637254$303.28593
VT PH M Far Hills $1,997,000.0010181 Valley8/8828841$225.88350
PH M Ridgelake Shores $1,950,000.00490 Royal Navigator6586109$319.20377
VT PH M Woodforest $1,950,000.00859 Eagle Pointe5/6645618$347.10493
VT PH M Point Aquarius $1,900,000.0013120 Point Aquarius5437008$271.12364
PH M Longwood Estates 03 $1,850,000.0013675 Dairyland66109815$188.49472
VT PH M Bentwater $1,795,000.00153 Promenade5/5436800$263.97535
VT PH M Pine Island At Woodforest 01 $1,750,000.00505 Grand Palisade5536067$288.45398
VT PH M Grand Harbor $1,725,000.0018811 W Cool Breeze76128670$198.96552
VT PH M Ann White Surv Abs 43 $1,700,000.003087 N Fm 148678413070$130.07573
VT PH M Grand Harbor 01 $1,699,000.0019996 Crescent Ct6538018$211.90700
PH M Bluejack National Ph 1a $1,570,000.004455 Lily Bean443595
VT PH M Bentwater 46 $1,520,000.00313 Promenade4/4534550$334.07351
PH M None $1,500,000.0011425 Fm 8306/7777992$187.691361
VT PH M Bentwater $1,495,000.00254 Pinerock3/3437292$205.02429
PH M Elk-Trace Golf Estates 01 $1,439,000.00816 Eagle Pointe4/5435004$287.57605
PH M Bentwater $1,400,000.0040 Benthaven West3/4334842$289.14446
VT PH M RURAL ACREAGE - 11.86 +/- Acres TTL $1,390,000.00230 S Pine Lake3/533441
PH M Del Lago Estates $1,385,000.0017 La Jolla4/4424270$324.36425
PH M Woodforest 22 $1,375,000.00156 Spyglass Park5/5446043$227.54589
VT PH M Bentwater 45 $1,350,000.0076 W Shore4/4426115$220.77447
VT PH M High Meadow Estates $1,299,000.006912 Lone Star4/5646251$207.81352
PH M Woodforest $1,200,000.00425 N Copa Palm Loop4/4433684$325.73441
VT PH M Corner Mary $1,199,000.0013920 Amber Lane4335505$217.80372
VT PH M Woodforest $1,195,000.00123 Windfair5/6535358$223.03422
PH M Bella Vita 01 $1,180,000.0012349 Tramonto5424894$241.11436
PH M Ridgelake Shores 02 $1,147,500.00436 Royal Navigator5347312$156.93351
VT PH M Woodforest 04 $1,145,000.00103 Windfair5534733$241.92597
VT PH M Vintage Oaks $1,130,000.0024029 Pecan4/6465258$214.91363
VT PH M Bentwater $1,125,000.00166 Bentwater Bay4/4435209$215.971083
VT PH M Estates of Mia Lago $1,100,000.00146 Mia Lago4/4547220$152.35851
PH M Shelter Bay Estates $1,099,500.0010252 Cude Cemetery4424467$246.14491
PH M Woodforest 25 $1,099,000.00119 Grand Marion6/6645053$217.49355
PH M Longmire On Lake Conroe 03 $1,090,500.0012535 Longmire Lakeview4/4435380$202.70363
PH M WATERS EDGE A-6 $1,064,000.00106 Fairwater4/4535916$179.85391
PH M Montgomery Trace 06 $1,025,000.00418 Trace Way7/7634863$210.78497
VT PH M Bentwater 65 $999,900.0064 Lake3/4434387$227.92366
PH M Woodforest $995,000.00411 N Copa Palm Loop4/4433346$297.37441
PH M Vintage Oaks 01 $985,000.0011521 Vintage Oaks Drive5/5534747$207.50428
PH M Lone Star Estates $979,900.00108 Jenny Lane5/6445400$181.46445
PH M Bentwater $955,000.00266 Promenade4446300$151.59391
PH M SADDLER JOHN $950,000.0018054 Interstate 453111284$739.88352
VT PH M Walden $950,000.0011706 Edgewater5/7425337$178.00343
VT PH M CLARK WM C/ Walden $949,900.003930 Brookhaven4435416$175.39363
PH M April Sound $949,000.00186 April Waters4423611$262.81434
VT PH M Grand Harbor 08 $929,900.0011532 Grand Pine5434698$197.94348
VT PH M Bentwater $925,000.00104 Hidden Creek3/3324520$204.65331
VT PH M Woodforest $900,000.00114 S Silver Manor5/5535500$163.64364
PH M Cape Malibu $899,990.0015884 Malibu3322387$377.04666
PH M Shelter Bay Estates $899,000.0010226 Cude Cemetery7525035$178.55363
PH M Grand Harbor $899,000.0011656 Renaissance4435283$170.17406
VT PH M Bentwater 74 $889,750.00340 West Pines4435560$160.03437
VT PH M Vintage Oaks 01 $887,000.0024028 Dapplegray5434485$197.77469
VT PH M Walden $880,000.003402 Wooddale5/5525272$166.92385
PH M Pebble Glen On The Lake $879,000.009934 Pebble4/5424741$185.40412
PH M Longmire on Lake Conroe 03 $878,500.0012503 Longmire Lakeview3223141$279.69454
PH M Water Oak 02 $875,990.0014717 Diamondhead Rd4/5434449$196.90760
PH M Crown Oaks $875,000.0015636 Crown Oaks4/5355239$167.02345
VT PH M Woodforest 25 $875,000.00195 Windfair Loop3334392$199.23392
PH M Grand Harbor 08 $874,990.0011512 Grandview5/6434789$182.71364
PH M Bentwater $865,000.0020 Benthaven Isle5/5434325$200.00764
PH M Montgomery Townsite 03 $849,900.0014259 Liberty4225000$169.981200
VT PH M Bentwater $848,500.00156 Westlake4/5435179$163.83445
VT PH M Woodforest $835,000.00116 Grand Marion4/4434851$172.13406
VT PH M Woodforest 41 $829,900.00191 Spyglass Park4434292$193.36432
VT PH M Bentwater 03 $825,000.00267 Sarasota5/5534301$191.82337
PH M April Sound 08 $820,000.00136 April Waters5534227$193.99364
VT PH M Sunset Ranch 01 $819,000.0017358 Sunset Ranch3/4333929$208.45398
PH M Sunset Ranch 01 $819,000.0017318 Sunset Ranch3/4423745$218.69414
PH M Bentwater 25 $799,995.0095 Promenade3223200$250.00372
PH M Bentwater $799,900.0072 Waterford Way3/3334046$197.70363
VT PH M Cude Timothy $799,000.0012410 Anderson Rd5/6564686$170.51447
VT PH M Grandview $799,000.0019182 Grandview5535358$149.12430
PH M Bentwater 82 $799,000.00111 Bentwater Bay3/4334390$182.00371
PH M South Shore Estates $799,000.00301 Bayshore3/4323630$220.11379
PH M Falcon Sound On The Lake $779,999.0014071 Teel3323570$218.49373
VT PH M Grand Harbor $779,900.0011435 Grand Pine4/5334081$191.11357
PH M Larkhaven $775,000.00109 Larkhaven Drive4433991$194.19482
PH M Bentwater 44 $775,000.002024 Bentwater5524415$175.54372
PH M Woodforest 17 $775,000.00107 Sunset Terrace5/5434544$170.55355
PH M Crown Ranch $760,000.0026091 Crown Ranch5/5434377$173.63411
PH M Grand Harbor 09 $759,900.0011633 Grandview5/5334708$161.41346
PH M Bentwater 74 $755,000.00270 West Pines5/6435190$145.47444
VT PH M Woodforest $750,000.00114 Sunset Terrace4/4434043$185.51428
VT PH M Bentwater $750,000.0099 Club Island3/4334316$173.77350
PH M Woodforest $750,000.00102 Spanish Bay6/7434762$157.50352
VT PH M Walden $750,000.003934 Windswept4/4323469$216.201043
PH M Grand Lake Estates 08 $747,000.008959 Grand Lake Estates4333181$234.83356
VT PH M n/a $747,000.0018880 Fm 28543/3333256$229.42362
VT PH M CROWN OAKS 03 $745,000.008427 Kings View3/4343830$194.52387
PH M Woodforest $735,000.00114 Sunridge4434642$158.34435
PH M Grand Lake Estates $730,000.008854 Grand Lake Estates4/5544600$158.70396
PH M Wood Creek 01 $729,000.0014742 Beaver Run4/4223087$236.15413
VT PH M Woodforest 22 $725,000.00164 Spyglass Park4334646$156.05350
VT PH M Woodforest $725,000.00106 Stonehedge4/5334342$166.97450
PH M Woodforest 23 $715,000.00122 Spanish Bay5434239$168.67344
PH M Del Lago $699,000.0026 La Costa4324107$170.20377
Result Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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