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Montgomery County NW
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The search located 95 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
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MediaSubdivisionList PriceAddressBdsBthsGarSQ FtDOM
PH M Abstract Area 1 (Richards)-Abst-A 1 $2,100.0024836 Cedar Ridge2332052353
PH M April Point 01 $1,390.0038 April Point3/3201688621
PH M April Point North $1,900.0036 April Point3301624336
PH M April Sound $850.001421 April Villas110618575
PH M April Sound $1,250.00270 Capetown2/2111100820
PH M April Sound $1,295.001422 April Villas2/2111150351
PH M April Sound $1,500.0019 April3/3201478379
PH M April Sound $1,750.00109 Cove3221577369
PH M April Sound $1,775.00145 April3221699381
PH M April Sound $2,600.00104 Lakeside4/43228101702
PH M April Sound 04 $1,625.00124 April Wind3221612885
PH M April Sound 07 $1,800.00100 Harbour Town3/3222060361
PH M Blueberry Hill $2,500.0012841 Blueberry Hill3202112350
PH M Blueberry Hill $2,500.0012915 Blueberry4322564352
PH M Cape Conroe $2,100.0010706 Estelle4/4221960350
PH M Cape Conroe $2,100.0010731 Estelle4/4221960350
PH M CAPE CONROE 02 $1,375.00502 Paradise3221283823
PH M Cape Conroe 02 $1,425.00527 Paradise3221325357
PH M Claiborne Garrett Surv A-17 $2,000.005163 County Road 2173202031354
PH M Conroe Bay $1,100.0015095 Conroe Bay2201016573
PH M Conroe Bay $1,350.0015133 Starboard3111318392
PH M Corinthian Point 02 $1,600.0015742 Corinthian4222084791
PH M Crestwood Farms $1,400.001449 Mohawk2121065383
PH M Del Lago $2,045.0080 La Costa4222569370
PH M Enchanted Waters 02 $850.0014470 Enchanted Waters32011521120
PH M Enchanted Waters 03 $400.0014407 Enchanted Waters1104001135
PH M Enchanted Waters 04 $750.0014411 Enchanted2104561156
PH M Forest Woods $800.00 Parkway210641377
PH M Hallmark Of Panorama Pt R $1,595.001 Hallmark3221911524
PH M Harbour Town Club 01 $1,200.002001 Lakewood2201269345
PH M Harbour Town Club 01 $1,300.002002 Lakewood3/3301506867
VT PH M Hunters Landing $2,375.0011110 S Reach3/3222788538
PH M Hunters Point $1,725.0014042 Hunters3322313357
PH M Lake Bonanza 01 $850.0016849 Stinson110696343
PH M Lake Bonanza 01 $1,550.006132 Skylane2/2201555365
PH M Lake Conroe Forest $1,400.00302 Somerset21012501008
PH M Lake Conroe Forest 02 $950.00703 Smokey River2201030365
PH M Lake Conroe Forest 02 $1,100.00311 Spring Stream3121200426
PH M Lake Conroe Forest 02 $4,500.00200 Cheyenne4/4202129443
PH M Lake Conroe Hills $1,395.0013180 Skyline3221392376
PH M Lake Conroe Village $1,095.0016650 E Dounreay3/3201240398
PH M Lake Conroe Village $1,100.0016926 Balmoral3/320664
VT PH M Lake Conroe Village $1,200.00245 Ridgeside320900376
PH M Lake Conroe Village $1,220.0016715 Stonefield A320989412
PH M Lake Conroe Village $1,300.0016896 W Juneau3201100354
PH M Lake Conroe Village $1,340.0016693 Meadowcroft3301620384
PH M Lakeview Terrace 03 $900.00203 E Lakeview110726835
PH M LINDLEY JOSEPH $950.0016877 Interstate 45 North220840374
PH M Monroe Manor $2,300.0012088 Fm 8305/6304977352
VT PH M Montgomery Trace 10 $3,100.008912 Forest Lake4/4423303354
PH M none $1,500.0021966 Eva000890
PH M none $3,000.003131 Sapp3201680938
PH M Northstar Twnhms $1,250.00195 Binnacle3/3221628363
PH M Northstar Twnhms $1,300.00164 Binnacle3/3221570396
PH M Northstar Twnhms $1,300.00187 S Binnacle3/3221571370
PH M Paradise Cove 02 $975.0015194 Ridgepoint3208961140
PH M Pin Oak 02 $1,075.0013053 Aspen Way3201216363
PH M Seven Coves 05 $3,000.006970 Kingston Cove3321750385
PH M SHADOW BAY $1,200.0014311 W REVINE RUN3201216365
PH M Shadow Bay 01 $1,195.0014181 Shadow Bay3/3221568962
VT PH M Shoreline Condominiums $3,900.00199 Waterpoint Court2221499552
VT PH M Shoreline Condominiums $4,900.00199 Waterpoint Court3322003564
PH M Teas Lakes 01 $1,450.002224 Trey Rogillios3/32217221171
PH M Teas Lakes 02 $1,745.007805 Board4222343350
VT PH M Teas Lakes 02 $1,800.002213 Nicholas4/4221769345
PH M Teas Lakes 03 $1,545.002201 Jefferson Crossing3/32218271183
PH M Teas Lakes 03 $1,895.002213 Perkins Crossing4222425356
PH M Teas Lakes 03 $1,955.002212 Highland Crossing3222097364
PH M Teas Lakes 04 $1,845.008015 N Tarrytown Crossing4323082381
PH M Tejascreek 01 $1,875.00219 Indian4/4222754366
PH M Terra Vista At Waterstone 01 $2,000.00450 Terra Vista4222553871
PH M The Woods Of Conroe $2,375.002379 Timberland Country4222698416
PH M Twains Landing $1,100.0013258 Tom Sawyer32014561115
VT PH M Walden $750.0013155 Walden1/1105331025
PH M Walden $895.0013151 Walden Road110489504
PH M Walden $1,400.0011211 Country Squire3221422941
PH M Walden $1,595.0012010 Brightwood4/42219651114
PH M Walden $1,800.0011419 Alcott32220001143
VT PH M Walden $2,650.0012210 Thoreau5/6323620903
PH M Walden $3,300.0013438 Sea Island3/3233700433
PH M Walden 06 $1,495.003303 Fitzgerald3/3221808846
VT PH M Walden 08 $1,650.003239 Woodwind4221644345
PH M Walden 10 $1,850.003302 Masters2/3222494381
PH M Walden 15-A $1,675.0013521 Raintree32229941203
PH M Walden 16 $2,100.0013065 Wood Harbour3221724364
PH M Walden Marine Vistas $925.0012100 Melville110662347
PH M Walden/Other $1,170.0015650 Walden Road1111443
PH M Walnut Cove $1,050.009988 CALANDAR210804372
PH M Walnut Cove 02 $800.0011453 Underwood210784350
VT PH M White Oak Ranch $4,000.005896 White Oak4/4324004790
PH M Woodcreek Valley 01 $1,500.0012711 Woodcreek3221274778
PH M Woodforest 02 $3,300.00106 Red Deer4323341350
PH M Woodforest 44 $2,000.00203 Cheswood Forest3221922354
PH M Woodforest 73 $2,500.00246 N Lynx4/4322146352
PH M Woodmark 03 $1,595.009451 Elliotts3221742376
Result Pages: 1

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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